Firefighters Battle Two-Alarm Fire At North Denver Church

Denver firefighters battled a two-alarm fire at a church in Denver's Whittier neighborhood Thursday morning. The fire started just after 6 a.m. and it's believed it began in the attic.

Video Transcript

DILLON THOMAS: Meanwhile, a church promises to rebuild after a fire swept through it this morning. The Odom Memorial Church has been a pillar in the Cole neighborhood since the 1930s. Good afternoon, I'm Dillon Thomas bringing you "CBS4 News at Noon" live on CBS4 and CBSN Denver. Members of the congregation flocked to the building earlier today. CBS4's Jacqueline Quynh is at the church, which is at 33rd and Williams. Jacqueline, what do you have for us today?

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Well, Dillon, you just mentioned that this was a pillar of the community. It still is, but it's gonna take some time to really reopen. You know, the first service that they had just recently was Easter because of COVID. So, again, these members are just really saddened to see this. And this church has done so much outreach work that, again, people who are coming by are just so surprised by this.

But what we know right now about this fire is it happened just before 7:00 this morning. And Denver Fire responded here to the scene. When the firefighters did get here, they saw flames in the attic burning. And, again, you know, when the pastor-- when we talked with him when he arrived here, the members of the church here, they saw this, they thought that really a lot of damage was inside. But actually, they found out that a portion of the church inside was not heavily damaged. And they do plan to rebuild.

AJ MCDONALD: You know, when you drive up and you see a scene like this, again, it's jarring and tears fall because it's a tragedy. But at the same time, we're strong. Our membership is strong. This community is strong. The family is strong. And we know in whom and what we believe. And we believe in that God will provide for us and that he will give us a plan as to how to move forward. We're not gonna let this break us. And we're gonna rebuild and we'll rebuild better.

JACQUELINE QUYNH: Now, we actually saw what a portion of the interior looked like. The sanctuary, that's where people come to worship. And you can see, you don't see that flames have damaged in there. But, again, right now they are trying to regroup. They may need help here. And at the time, the church is gonna remain closed. But, you know, this church, again, they've done a lot of outreach. They've given away food, ministry to people who have been incarcerated. So they are looking to get back on their feet. In Denver, I'm Jacqueline Quynh covering Colorado first.