Firefighters battling blaze at Forest Hills home

Tony LaRussa And Ben Schmitt, The Tribune-Review, Greensburg
·1 min read

Apr. 8—Firefighters are battling a blaze at a single-family home in Forest Hills Thursday morning.

The fire in the 300 block of Avenue F, near Greensburg Pike, was reported shortly before 6 a.m.

Authorities said the 2 1/2 story brick home was unoccupied when the fire broke out. Nobody was injured.

Forest Hills Volunteer Fire department Chief Jim Theilacker said firefighters responded from surrounding areas, including Monroeville, Swissvale, Wilkins, Churchill and Braddock. He said someone had recently purchased the home and was renovating it. No one lived inside.

The main fire was contained to the second story of the home, he said.

"The electric and gas were still on in the structure, but we're not sure," of any cause, Theilacker said. "The fire marshal will be doing an investigation."

Across the street, Theresa Jacob said she woke Thursday to "people hollering." She and her husband, Ted, could smell smoke from open windows. They sat on their front porch drinking coffee as the scene calmed down.

"I'm really glad to hear nobody was hurt," she said. "This could have been a lot wore."

By 8 a.m. firefighters hosed down hotspots, but the majority of the fire appeared to be extinguished.

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