UPDATE: Firefighters fighting brush fire on Woodland Road

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Jul. 13—ROCKPORT — A brush fire broke out in the Woodland Acres area off Woodland Road on Wednesday morning.

Rockport's Fire and Forest Fire departments were on scene at 11:45 a.m. trying to tame the blaze. At the time, Forest Fire Warden Michael Frontierro said the fire was near entrance to the nature trails at the dead end of Woodland and it was reportedly spreading south towards Bayberry Lane. Despite the spread, Frontierro said the houses on Woodland, Woodbury Street and Bayberry were not in any danger.

Firefighters initially had some difficulty getting water to the fire. Luckily, Hillside Road residents Karyn Crowley and her fiancé, Steve Klotz, were able to help out.

"I own K&S Remodeling in town," said Crowley. "They said they needed help so I brought over our lull and tractor."

The lull, a type of telehandler used on outdoor worksites to transport and lift heavy materials, was used to move large boulders at the entrance of the nature trails so Forest Fire vehicles could drive through. The tractor was on standby in case the Fire Department needed to clear some trees out to get to the fire.

Klotz said firefighters were having issues getting their hoses down to the fire.

"They asked us how much water we had in our pond," he explained. "It wasn't nearly enough."

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