Firefighters help 50-year-old woman escape house collapse in North Philadelphia: Officials

Philadelphia firefighters are on the scene of a house collapse in North Philadelphia that left a 50-year-old woman injured. The incident happened Friday just before 2:30 p.m. on the 3100 block of North Stillman Street.

Video Transcript

BRIAN TAFF: To some breaking news right now. Fire-- first responders on the scene of a house collapse in North Philadelphia, where they've rescued a woman from the rubble. "Action News" reporter Bob Brooks has just arrived at that scene in the 3100 block of North Stillman with what we know right now. Bob.

BOB BROOKS: Brian, it's really a miracle that the woman who was trapped inside is alive, in stable condition now at Temple University Hospital. That's the scene right behind me. You can see it. The home is completely collapsed. I want to bring up some video. The fire department tells us the call went out for this about 2:15. The preliminary investigation that they found out is that this woman was in bed on the third floor. And when the home started to collapse, she rode it the whole way down.

Incredibly, when fire crews arrived, they were able to get her-- get in there, get to her rather quickly, and get her out. And again, she was conscious when she left and now listed in stable condition. Now, the neighbors that live right next door, who can't go into their home now because it might be compromised, they were the first ones to hear it. Obviously, they were inside their homes next door. Let's take a listen.

DWAYNE FETHERSON: The guy next door's mother was inside the rubble. So we ran inside the rubble to try to help her, you know, with no regard. You know, that's his mom. So, you know, I got a mother.


BOB BROOKS: OK, back out live here. You see that wall right there with the home next door. It looks like it has split. Right now, L&I has deemed it-- that neighbors next door on both sides, they can't go inside. So those people at this point feel like they might be homeless. But again, really a miracle that this woman was able to make it out, and again, is in stable condition at Temple University Hospital. For now, reporting live in North Philadelphia, Bob Brooks, "Channel 6 Action News." Alicia.

ALICIA VITARELLI: Absolutely incredible story of survival there. Bob, thank you.