Firefighters rescue elderly woman from burning home

The woman suffered burns to her head and upper body in the overnight fire in the 5300 block of Theall.

Video Transcript

- Firefighters rescued a woman from her burning home in the Champions Forest Area of Northwest Harris County. About 2:00 AM, firefighters found the woman in the home on Theall near Greenwood Forest. They pulled her out of the home and started CPR.

RACHEL NEUTZLER: When they pulled her out, she did not have a pulse. But the Fire Department and medics were able to bring her back and get a pulse, and transport her to Northwest Hospital.

- The elderly woman is in critical condition. She has burns on her head and body. Investigators saw that the worst fire damage in the kitchen area. But they still aren't sure what initially caused it.

RACHEL NEUTZLER: Rachel R-A-C-H-E-L. Last name Neutzler. N-E-U-T-Z-L-E-R. PIO here at County Fire Marshal's office.

- Tell us what we have here, ma'am.

RACHEL NEUTZLER: It's about 2:00 AM this morning, the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office was notified of a residential fire to assist Champions Fire Department. When the fire department arrived, there was heavy smoke and flames coming out of the left side of the building.

When the fire department did a primary search, they did find one victim inside of the home. They were able to get her out of the house and do CPR. She was transported in critical condition with heavy burns on her torso and head.

The origin and cause of the fire is ongoing and under investigation. But we do believe the fire originated in the kitchen area.

- What's her condition at the moment?

RACHEL NEUTZLER: Her condition is critical. When they pulled her out, she did not have a pulse. With the fire department and medics were able to bring her back and get a pulse and transport her to Northwest Hospital.

- And she was the only person inside.

RACHEL NEUTZLER: Yes. There is only one female inside of the home at the time of the fire.

- We think it may have started in the kitchen area.

RACHEL NEUTZLER: The heaviest fire damage is in the kitchen area. The investigators are still working to determine the exact origin within that area and then what actually started the fire.

- What am I missing, Rachel? Anything you want to add?

RACHEL NEUTZLER: Not at this time. Until we figure out what the origin and cause was, then we'll provide the same information.