Firefighters rescue puppies born under a Tulsa home

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A litter of puppies were rescued this week, thanks to crews with the Tulsa Fire Department.

A woman called the fire department Thursday, saying that her dog gave birth to puppies under her home. Crews had to crawl underneath the home to rescue all seven puppies.

Avery Daisy is the mother of the puppies, and all animals are safe. Avery’s owner says she’ll soon be spayed, and the puppies will be taken care of until they are able to be adopted.

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This afternoon a concerned citizen called us. She said that her dog had given birth to puppies underneath her home. The Engine 10 B Platoon crew made quick work of the rescue. They had to crawl under the house and all the way to the front where the seven puppies were located. The owner was beyond grateful. Avery Daisy, the mother of the puppies, is happy that her babies are safe. Avery’s owner said she will soon be visiting the vet to be spayed. In the mean time, there will be puppy love going around until they are old enough to be given good homes. #TFDEngine10Ctotherescue #puppyrescue #sevensafelittlepuppies #spayandneuteryourpets #muddyfirefighters

Posted by Tulsa Fire Department on Thursday, June 9, 2022