Fireflies Light Up Across Iowa Field as Comet Neowise Soars Across Night Sky

Timelapse footage captured the Neowise comet streaking through the night sky near Marion, Iowa, as fireflies lit up in the foreground of the shot, on July 11.

Photographer Christopher V. Sherman set up his camera at a nearby farm in Marion, hoping to capture the footage of the comet, which was supposed to be visible in the evenings of Jul 11 and 12, according to a statement from NASA.

Sherman’s footage shows the comet as it streams across the sky, as fireflies fly around the field in which his camera is set, creating a very unique scene.

“I never thought I’d be shooting a comet with Iowa’s #fireflies but here you go,” Sherman included in the caption of his original upload.

The comet is expected to be closest to Earth on July 22, but scientists are uncertain whether it will be possible to see it with the naked eye. Credit: Christopher V. Sherman via Storyful