Firefly Autism Helps Vaccinate Hundreds Of Coloradans

Firefly Autism held a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Lakewood on Sunday.

Video Transcript

- COVID-19 vaccine clinics are happening up and down the Front Range, and some are mass vaccination sites. Some others are smaller community clinics. This community clinic was held today at Firefly Autism in Lakewood. They say they vaccinated close to 600 people. Firefly helps transform the lives of autistic children and their families, and for them it's an honor to help fight the pandemic.

JESSE OGAS: As we continue to see folks finally becoming aware of the importance of vaccinations, it's such an honor for us as an organization, as a nonprofit, to be working to-- to help Americans, whether it's here in Colorado or across the nation, access these life changing vaccinations. So we're honored.

- And next week Firefly Autism plans to vaccinate 750 community members.