Firefox could soon arrive on iOS at last

The Mozilla Firefox browser could soon arrive on iOS.

Mozilla's management is entertaining the idea of bringing its flagship mobile browser to the App Store, according to several Twitter posts from members of the foundation.

The tweets reportedly echo comments made at an internal conference by Mozilla Corporation president Li Gong and vice president in charge of Firefox Johnathan Nightingale.

So far, the main obstacle keeping Firefox off of iOS has been a restriction imposed by Apple. While the Cupertino firm requires browsers on the App Store to use its own Webkit layout engine, Mozilla's flagship browser uses the free, open-source Gecko engine.

Google has already complied with Apple's requirement and released Chrome for iOS. If the Mozilla Foundation wants to avoid falling even further behind in terms of mobile market share, offering its browser to the world's millions of iPhone users is increasingly important. To bring Firefox to the App Store by 2015, the company will have to carry out a number of technical adjustments in addition to accepting a slight compromise of its open-source principles.