First 5 Yuba County approves mini grants for programs

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Oct. 29—The First 5 Yuba County Children and Families Commission met Thursday and approved mini grants to assist six programs in the county.

First 5 Yuba has $40,000 available for its mini grants budget. The six projects approved on Thursday totaled $18,450 with $21,550 remaining. The following entities had their request for grant funding approved:

Kayla's Little Daycare: Kayla Jones was awarded $1,450 for the installation of a free lending library for the families of the daycare she owns in Olivehurst. The goal is for the lending library to be available for all Olivehurst families, according to her application.

Regional Emergency Shelter Team (REST): The commission awarded REST $4,000 to support a winter shelter program which provides shelter, meals, case management and other supportive services to Yuba County families experiencing homelessness. More than 190 Yuba County households with children are currently registered as homeless, according to the grant application.

Marysville Youth Civic Center: The commission approved a $2,000 grant to complete an infant toddler room. The room will provide space for families with younger children. The room will include waffle floors and age appropriate climbing and learning toys.

Destiny Waltermire: Waltermire is a family childcare provider in Yuba County who was awarded $3,000 by the commission in support of her whole child program. Waltermire's in-home daycare will provide play structures and early literacy development resources as well as parent library resources, according to her application.

Beale Family Support Booster Club: The commission approved $4,000 to go to the booster club for Beale's Exceptional Family Member Program that identifies children who may have special needs.

KeAirya Miller: Miller's LEAP Academy, a home childcare service at Beale Air Force Base, received $4,000 from the commission. The goal is to supply new stationary supplies, learning material, books, and classroom furniture.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for Dec. 16 at 3:30 p.m.