First Avenue Prepares For Live Shows Again

Minnesota’s COVID-19 restrictions are gone just in time for the holiday weekend, but not every place will immediately be back to 100%, Caroline Cummings reports (2:14) WCCO 4 News At 5 - May 28, 2021

Video Transcript

- Well, Minnesota's COVID-19 restrictions are gone just in time for the holiday weekend. Sports arenas, concert halls, restaurants, and bars can now operate at full capacity. It is a significant marker on Minnesota's road to recovery.

- But as Caroline Cummings explains, not every place will immediately be back to 100%.

- I'm thrilled about it.

- The Twin Cities are buzzing with excitement ahead of the holiday weekend, which will look and feel a lot like a holiday weekend before the pandemic. The last of the states COVID-19 restrictions no more.

- Normalcy. Just getting back to having events which I think is wonderful.

- Giving a green light for packed bars, restaurants, and arenas.

- I was just thinking about this that the wild win that game Friday night. And we're back to a full house here in the next round. So that's the things that are all out there.

- Even though businesses can go back to normal starting Friday, doesn't mean they will. Target Field will up to 80% capacity in mid-June and 100% on July 5th for the rest of the season.

- We're overjoyed. It's a moment that we've been waiting for, for obviously the last 15 months.

- The iconic first Avenue venue in downtown Minneapolis is ready to bring live music back after more than 400 days mostly in the dark. But that's not coming for over a month.

- Our first thought was, we haven't had a staff that was really working here now for 15 months. And so, there's going to be training, ramping up of bringing on staff. And once we do that, we don't want to do one show, and then be like, all right, see in three weeks.

- Bands touring and venues booking have been out of practice for over a year. Kran says they're starting with the July 2nd show at the smaller Seventh Street entry, and the hope is a steady summer buildup will mean a September surge with as much live music as fans once knew.

- We just cannot wait to have bands and fans back into this room. It's not the same walking in here like it is now.

- In Minneapolis, Carolyn Cummings, WCCO 4 News.

- If the Minnesota Wild win tonight, that would mean games in St. Paul next week. The ExCel energy center told WCCO it will quickly release ticket information should they win but did not say whether all 18,000 seats are going to be open to fans.