First Doses Of Pfizer Vaccine To Be Offered Again At State-Run Sites

CBS4's Jessica Vallejo reports the move is being made after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was paused. Read more:

Video Transcript

STEVE GOLDSTEIN: Now at 6:30, a race to vaccinate South Florida. As the hold on Johnson & Johnson continues FEMA-funded vaccination sites are getting ready to offer Pfizer for those needing their first shot, Good evening, everybody. I'm Steve Goldstein in for Karli Barnett. Now, the change comes as sites like Miami-Dade North Campus were only offering the Pfizer as the second shot. CBS 4's Jessica Vallejo is live at the vaccination site at Hard Rock Stadium with the details, Jessica.

JESSICA VALLEJO: That's right. We're right here at the Hard Rock Stadium. They have been giving the Pfizer doses here. However, starting on Tuesday all state-run, FEMA-funded sites will be giving the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Take a listen.

With the Johnson & Johnson vaccine paused by the federal government due to reports of a rare blood clot, the race to vaccinate people continues in South Florida. Starting on Tuesday all state-run, FEMA-funded sites will resume giving first doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

MIKE JACHLES: Anyone ages 16 and up, no appointment, so it's a very easy process to get that vaccine.

JESSICA VALLEJO: A reminder those that are 16 and 17 years old are eligible to receive a Pfizer shot with a parent or guardian only. Miami-Dade's North Campus will be administering first dose Pfizer vaccines starting at 7:00 AM on Tuesday. Mike Jachles, vaccination spokesman, says the process at the site is quick.

MIKE JACHLES: The goal here is to get the vaccines to as many people that need them, so anybody that wants the vaccine and needs a vaccine can get one. The main thing is you must be a Florida resident and have proof of residency and also ages 16 and up, right now.

JESSICA VALLEJO: But do take a listen because there are pop up sites administering vaccines, among them underserved communities. In Miami Gardens, the Northern United Methodist Church is giving free vaccines until 7:30 PM. There is another pop-up site in Miami Lakes. The Royal Oak Park is administering vaccines until 7:00 PM. And back out here at the Hard Rock Stadium, again, if you haven't gotten your vaccination you can head on over. Gates shut here at 10 PM, and no appointment is needed. At the Hard Rock Stadium, Jessica Vallejo, "CBS 4 News".