First All-Electric Fire Truck Comes To Howard County As Part Of Tour

The Rosenbauer RT is the first all electric fire truck to hit the streets here in America. It’s creators are currently on a cross country tour showing off their eco-friendly fire fighting machine. On Wednesday, they stopped in Howard County on their way to Washington D.C.

Video Transcript

- Well, the makers of the first all-electric fire truck touring the country, showing off the future in firefighting technology.

- Sean Streicher got behind the wheel and takes us for a ride.

SEAN STREICHER: A fire truck straight out of the future.

STEVE JOHN: This behind us is the world's first electric fire truck. It's the RT, for "revolutionary technology."

SEAN STREICHER: It's technology that took Rosenbauer America six years to develop. They're now on a cross-country tour showing off their eco-friendly firefighting machine. Today's stop, Howard County.

BILL ANUSZEWSKI: It certainly has some great safety features on it. The environmental features that it comes with, as far as reducing carbon emissions and things like that.

SEAN STREICHER: With a capability of running solely on battery power for two hours before a six-cylinder clean diesel engine kicks on for a recharge, it certainly is more green than its predecessor. But it's also packed with other features, like the ability to raise and lower depending on the situation.

STEVE JOHN: The vehicle can raise itself up to about 18 inches ground clearance and drive through three feet of water without a problem.

- Put my seatbelt on. Safety first.

SEAN STREICHER: It's also incredibly easy to drive.

- You ready? Let's do it?

SEAN STREICHER: Now, one thing you might notice is how quiet it is. That offers a lot of benefits to the firefighters when they're on the scene of a call.

STEVE JOHN: The last thing you want is noise clouding that decision-making. To make those life and death decisions, you need preferably to have as quiet and silent as possible surroundings.

SEAN STREICHER: Looks like it's got some acceleration.

STEVE JOHN: Just right off the bat, it has all of its torque and all its power.

SEAN STREICHER: Combine that with awesome technology, like the ability to launch a drone from the truck with aerial photos sent directly to the driver's seat. It's clear the future in fighting fires might already be here.

All right, so I've never drove any fire truck, but it's safe to say they would not compare to this one. In Howard County, Sean Streicher, for WJZ.