First Forecast Weather April 20, 2021 (Tonight)

Snow continues overnight.

Video Transcript

KAREN CARTER: Thanks for logging on and watching your first forecast. I'm Karen Carter. We have a freeze warning that will go into effect tonight at midnight until Thursday morning at 8:00 AM for all of the purple shaded areas, so all of Southeast Michigan and the lower half of the lower Peninsula. So if you have any vegetation outside, you want to save, perhaps throw a tarp or a blanket over them tonight. 30 degrees will be our overnight low, but many outlying areas will have temperatures dropping into the 20s, and it's going to feel like the 20s out there tomorrow, still cold temperatures.

Tonight we'll expect that snow to move through the area this evening and through the overnight hours pushing out by around 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. We are going to start the day with some cloud cover, but by around noon, we are going to see more sunshine. Clouds are going to increase a little bit throughout the late afternoon hours, but then decrease throughout the evening once again. So a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day tomorrow. We'll see more sunshine on Thursday. 30 degrees will be our overnight low tonight. Snow will be one to three inches of snowfall.

The further North you are, the less snow you'll receive, the further South, the more snow you'll receive. Freeze warning is in effect at midnight tonight. And do be careful out on roadways tomorrow morning. It could be a little slick, even though most of the snow will be on the grassy areas. 44 will be your high tomorrow, still very cold, below average for this time of year with mostly sunny skies. Wind gusts tomorrow coming out of the Northwest at 21 miles per hour. Thanks for logging on and watching your first forecast.