First Forecast Weather April 3, 2021 (Tonight)

Clear and chilly overnight.

Video Transcript

KAREN CARTER: Thanks for logging on and watching your first forecast. I'm Karen Carter.

We will see clear skies this evening and overnight as temperatures drop through the 50s and into the 40s. It's going to be a bit chilly overnight, but we are going to see more sunshine and warmer temperatures for the day tomorrow.

So for your Easter Sunday, you can expect sunny skies throughout the morning. A few more clouds may move in in the afternoon. But still, we are going to see plenty of sunshine through the day. And then partly cloudy skies throughout tomorrow evening and overnight.

So here's a look at what you can expect throughout your Easter Sunday. If you're planning on an Easter egg hunt, plenty of sunshine out there tomorrow. 40 degrees at 8:00 AM, 58 at noon, and 68 degrees at 4 o'clock. So clear skies tonight. 38 will be your overnight low, with the Northwest wind five to 10 miles per hour. 68 your high for Easter Sunday, with sunny skies and a southwest wind around six miles per hour.

Thanks for logging on and watching your first forecast.