First Forecast Weather April 7, 2021 (Tonight)

Mild temperatures this evening.

Video Transcript

KAREN CARTER: Thanks for logging on and watching your First Forecast. I'm Karen Carter. Temperatures today were very summer-like. We made it to a high of 80 degrees. However we did not reach the record, which was 83 degrees, that back in 1991.

We are still going to see temperatures, though, above average over the next few days. And here's a look at temps throughout this evening. Dropping through the 70s, through the 60s, and then into the 50s. We'll have partly cloudy skies tonight. A very small chance you could see a passing shower. But most of us should stay dry throughout tonight.

Now, we are going to have partly cloudy skies tonight, an overnight low of 54 degrees. Tomorrow, we'll reach a high of 74 degrees with increasing clouds. And we will have a chance of showers and thunderstorms beginning in the afternoon and lasting throughout the evening. Some of those storms could become strong. Otherwise, we are going to see temperatures staying in the 70s over the next couple of days. Thanks for logging on and watching your First Forecast.