First Forecast Weather March 23, 2021 (Tonight)

A chance of rain overnight.

Video Transcript

KAREN CARTER: Thanks for logging on and watching your "First Forecast." I'm Karen Carter.

Temperatures today made it into the low 70s for many of us across Southeast Michigan. Tonight, we're going to have very mild temperatures, dropping into the low 50s. We are going to see a chance of rain beginning late overnight, after about 11 o'clock. And then we're going to see that rain even continuing into tomorrow morning. So don't be surprised if you see a little light rainfall in the morning.

But many of us will stay dry through tomorrow. And we'll see even a little bit of sunshine late in the day, and mostly clear skies tomorrow evening and overnight. So tonight. Mostly cloudy skies with that chance of rain late overnight. 51 your overnight low, and a southeast wind around 9 miles per hour.

Tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies with a small chance of rain in the morning. Otherwise, a high of 74 degrees. However, it is going to be windy, especially in the afternoon. A south wind, 10 to 17 miles per hour, gusting to 34.

Thanks for logging on and watching your "First Forecast."