First Friday Of Lenten Season Kicks Off Fish Fries

The fryers were on and the kitchen bustling for the first Friday of the Lent season; KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.

Video Transcript

KEN RICE: It's dinnertime. And the traffic at this season's first Friday fish fries should be picking up. There are many changes to make sure you can get your food safely. Nicole Ford is in Whitehall with a look at what they're doing there. Nicole.

NICOLE FORD: Ken, traffic is the understatement here at St. Gabe's in Whitehall. A lot of movement happening as we hit this 5:00 hour. You can see behind me they're packing up these fish sandwiches, because this is a pre-ordered takeout-only drive-through fish fry. It's what a lot of organizations are doing right now with COVID-19. Typically, they'd have people down here. But instead, they're packing it all up to go. And at the end of the day, they're just excited to see some people showing up, knowing it's the right step in this direction.

The fryers are on and the kitchen is bustling. At Moon Township Volunteer Fire Department, this one event holds a lot of weight.

RON FAHERTY: We lost the vast majority of our fundraising events last year. Our Sportsman's Bash, fish fry, car crew. So you know, we had to kind of think outside the box, because COVID wasn't going away anytime soon.

NICOLE FORD: It was time to get creative, to make sure people came in the door this year.

RON FAHERTY: We re-changed our entire model and went to a app where folks can order online, or they can get curbside pickup, and they can scan the QR code and we'll deliver right to their car.

NICOLE FORD: Technology is leading the way. It proved to work with a busy start. Just to throw in one more hoop, the department lost four cooks during lunch hour to respond to a call. After the clean-up, it was back to the kitchen. While the team works together, many hope things will be back to normal next year.

RON FAHERTY: It becomes more, you know, of a social thing for the people in the town to get together, to gather and meet, and you know, share stories and whatnot. So it's disappointing not being able to have the sit-down traffic.

NICOLE FORD: Now, we told you there were a lot of people here to pick up their fish. You can see that crowd behind me. There are almost four rows of cars deep, as the volunteers are working to get each and every single one of them their fish sandwiches. Now, if you want to support one of your local fish fries this Lent season, head over to and look for the Fish Fry Guide. Reporting live in Whitehall, Nicole Ford, KDKA News.