First funerals for ambush victims in Mexico

A tragic procession in northern Mexico as the first victims of an ambush were laid to rest on Thursday (November 7).

Three mothers and six children were killed in a burst of bullets and fire earlier this week.

All the victims were U.S. citizens and members of breakaway Mormon communities which settled in Mexico decades ago.

Hundreds of family members, some travelling from the United States, have streamed into the remote region to remember those who died.

Kenneth Miller lost his daughter-in-law and four grandchildren


"It's unimaginable that there are people who could do such a horrible thing to innocent women, innocent children. But there are thousands in this country who have never had justice for their own victims. What I would like to come out of this tragedy is justice for everyone who does not have a voice."

Heavily armed military guard the area.

Miller said he's grateful for the security, but also pointed out that it's a privilege granted to the community thanks to their dual citizenship.

Dawna Ray Langford and her two young sons were killed in the attack.

Her mother is calling for action.


"I feel that they really need to get on it and really need to do something and take it very seriously because it is serious. This should not have happened to three women and the children who were all hurt and injured and died needlessly."

Both officials and relatives say the killings seem to be the work of the rival Juarez and Sinaloa drug cartels battling for control of area.

U.S. President Donald Trump has urged Mexico and the United States to "wage war" on the cartels together.