First Italian-French SAMP/T air defence system is already in Ukraine

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Ukraine has received the first Italian-French SAMP/T anti-aircraft missile system, which is a long-range air defence system.

Source: Italian news outlet La Stampa

Quote: "An Italian-French anti-aircraft missile system has arrived in Ukraine, and 20 local specialists will be engaged in its maintenance."

For reference: The SAMP/T anti-missile defence system is designed to protect the battlefield and important targets from cruise missiles, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and tactical ballistic missiles.

SAMP/T can destroy hostile aircraft at ranges from 3 km to 100 km and ballistic missiles at ranges from 3 km to 25 km, with a height of up to 25 km.

SAMP/T was developed by the European consortium Eurosam (MBDA Italy, MBDA France and Thales). The weight of its warhead is 20 kg, with a launch weight of 450 kg. The system is in service in Italy, France and Singapore.


  • In February, France and Italy decided to send SAMP/T systems to Ukraine.

  • A group of about 20 Ukrainian servicemen have completed a training programme in Italy in March on the SAMP/T air defence system.

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