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First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Visits Burlington School As 'Help Is Here' Tour Kicks Off

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Matt Petrillo reports.

Video Transcript

- Selling the COVID-19 relief plan, president and Mrs. Biden head to our area. First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visited Burlington, New Jersey today. President Biden hits Delco tomorrow. It's all part of the "Help is Here" tour. Here's Matt Petrillo.

- Good afternoon.

MATT PETRILLO: As Dr. Jill Biden visited Samuel Smith Elementary School in Burlington City Monday, she praised the newly enacted American Rescue Plan that, in part, aims to fully reopen schools.

JILL BIDEN: As a teacher for over 30 years, there's no place I feel more at home than in the classroom.

MATT PETRILLO: The American Rescue Plan will give schools federal tax money to make improvements like upgrades to ventilation systems so students can safely return to in-person learning.

BOB MENENDEZ: Ventilation systems are critical in terms of the potential spread of COVID.

MATT PETRILLO: That's good news to teachers. Many who have only a fraction of students learning in classrooms, while others remain at home.

SUE ANDRIS: It's been very tough. We still have some that are full remote. We have some that are two days, four days. But they're struggling.

MATT PETRILLO: The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan was signed into law last week by President Joe Biden. The plan also allows many families to get reimbursed for up to half of their child care. And it will deliver direct cash to most Americans. A family of four could get up to $5,600.

JILL BIDEN: It's a chance to breathe again. And when we help families stop holding their breath about paying their bills, local shops and restaurants benefit, too.

MATT PETRILLO: And Republicans have criticized Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan as a bailout. But today at the school, Democratic lawmakers told us they are already working on another stimulus plan. Reporting live in Burlington, Matt Petrillo, "CBS3 Eyewitness News."