First long-term vaccination site opens in Southeast LA

Los Angeles County officials launched the first long-term vaccine site for residents in the Southeast LA area.

Video Transcript

COLLEEN: Now a big step today to getting those vaccines out to underserved neighborhoods of Southern California. Community journalist Eric Resendiz is live in Bell, where a new vaccination site just opened, targeting residents and workers in the Southeast Los Angeles area. Hi Eric.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Hey Colleen. It was a day of celebration for many here in the Southeast Los Angeles area, where residents and elected officials gathered here for the opening of the first long-term vaccine site that will be open starting today, and to help those who live in the area and the city of Bell.


ERIC RESENDIZ: LA County Supervisor Chair Hilda Solis, who represents a big portion of Southeast LA, teamed up with Southeast LA officials and the JWCH John Wesley Community Health Institute Inc to launch the new long-term COVID-19 vaccine site in the city of Bell.

CHRISTINA GARCIA: We've been at the forefront of being at the back of the line for PPE, at the back of the line for testing. But today with their supervisors, with the partnership with the JWHC, and with all the local electeds, we're able to be at the front of the line and say that equity matters. And these communities that have been so hard hit are going to have access and are going to have access in a way that makes sense to them.

ERIC RESENDIZ: Maria Trujillo, who lives in the city of Bell says, she suffers from obesity, and that receiving the vaccine this month makes her feel safer.


ERIC RESENDIZ: Officials say the site will vaccinate about 200 residents today, and 1,000 this week with the Moderna vaccine.


ERIC RESENDIZ: The Office of Supervisor Solis says about 55% of the eligible residents in the area have been vaccinated, which officials say is a lower than the average.

ALI SALEH: As a SELA resident, I am comforted that our community now has the resources to vaccinate those who are eligible, and eventually every resident here in Southeast Los Angeles. We will be offering free transportation to every resident to this location here in the city of Bell. That's big. That's huge.


ERIC RESENDIZ: Again, this is the first long-term site designated to help residents who live in the Southeast Los Angeles area. Officials say they've also made it easier for residents to make appointments. Eligible residents can call 323-538-7802 Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 4 PM, or by emailing