The First Psychedelic Stock to Go 'All-Natural' Has Analysts Seeing Green

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Nowadays, the term psychedelic can still carry a pejorative tint to it. However, with legalization efforts expanding around the world, we’re finding ourselves in a period of renaissance in the psychedelic space. Now, a new set of companies has taken the reins of this burgeoning industry with important implications for mental and psychical health.

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To understand psychedelic investing, one must first understand the greater industry and its history. While the psychedelic craze might seem like a recent phenomenon, its roots can be traced back much further. Societies around the world have used psychedelics safely and beneficially in cultural practices for thousands of years. However, in the 20th century, this took a turn, especially in North America with the onset of the war on drugs. A moratorium on any form of psychedelics created a blackout period that saw little innovation or research for much of the past century.

Fortunately, western society is finally beginning to emerge from this dark period and many jurisdictions are now welcoming psychedelics back into the mainstream. With this acceptance has come a reinvigorated psychedelics industry with innovators such as Filament Health and MindMed carrying the torch from ancient societies. This is also exciting news for investors who have more options than ever to participate in a rapidly growing industry.

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One of the latest companies to make an impact in this space is Filament Health (NEO: FH) which was a first-ever patent this week for a public company in the psychedelic space.

As a company reshaping the way the medical community uses natural psychedelics, Filament is one of the stocks at the forefront of this industry. The Vancouver-based company went public on the NEO exchange in June, shortly followed by another announcement revealing the successful development of its first GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) batch of natural psilocybin extract classified as pharmaceutical-grade. After only a few weeks as a public company, Filament is already reinventing the traditional psychedelic path, paving its own way forward.

The choice of exchange is strategic as NEO, operating since 2015, is a disruptive capital markets technology firm that provides next-generation capital-raising in the Canadian market and beyond – the perfect fit for innovative & fast-moving companies. Filament joins other psychedelic leaders such as MindMed who have also chosen to list on the NEO exchange.

Companies such as Filament Health, which work exclusively on natural psychedelic drug discovery and extraction, are addressing the gaps in the research, picking up where their predecessors left off. However, this time around, they are doing things differently. Rather than using synthetic compounds and chemicals like many of their peers, Filament is taking a unique – and relevant – approach through their commitment to all-natural drug discovery. For investors, this is a unique opportunity to participate in the future of psychedelics.

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