First responders work to build positive relationships through basketball

It may be a game but for these two groups, it's much more than that. Breaking barriers in high-crime areas are just part of the effort.

Video Transcript

- This game of basketball is much more than that. At good hope missionary Baptist Church, where officers, first responders, and city leaders are playing ball with kids and working to build relationships with them.

- We need to break down this barrier of communication to solve criminal issues in our city and build relationships.

- Dwight Boykins was able to pull it together representatives from several area agencies and has partnered with local churches and hotspot areas such as Cuney Homes, [? Southaven ?] and [? Haversack ?] Hills Apartments to use their gyms. Also part of today's event, ABC 13 anchor Chauncey Glover with his organization the Chauncy Glover project.

- I like help learn dribble moves.

- This is a positive something too, you know for the kids. And if all they see is negative they cannot make this, but with this going on and the input they got and the extra effort because they don't have to do it, I feel like this is definitely a plus.

- New HPD chief Troy Finner also joined in on today's activities.

- This is how you really build relationships with young men and young women in a city.

- Finner along with city leaders are hoping by starting this it will help build relationships with kids in high crime communities and deter crime by ramping up relational policing.

- It's just a way that we're building relationships out here, you can always use sports as a vehicle to pull kids in and then build relationships for them.

- What we're trying to do today is say, look, you guys, officers, these kids are good they just need some mentoring. Kids, the officers are fair and they care about you. They just need honest kids.

- TJ Parker, ABC 13, Eyewitness News.