First responders’ dispatch audio released from Tiger Woods’ rollover crash

Dispatch audio reveals that the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department and Inglewood Police were alerted at approximately 7:14 A.M.

Video Transcript

- 73 [INAUDIBLE] to [INAUDIBLE] 170 [INAUDIBLE] assist 902C Hawthorne Boulevard and PV Drive North, Rolling Hills Estates. The vehicle ran off the road between PV Drive North and Blackhorse, dispatch [INAUDIBLE].

- Hey, 170 David, we are going to need a tow, please.

- Hey, ma'am, do we have an ETA for fire? We have a rollover with someone trapped.

- Just got off the phone with them. Let me call them back.

- Hey, I'm going to need a unit to accompany the ambulance transport to [? HGH, ?] please.

- En route from the city.