First South Dakota hot sauce to be featured on popular YouTube talk show 'Hot Ones'

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A hot sauce made in Brookings County will be the first spicy sauce from South Dakota to be featured on a popular YouTube talk show.

Tyrfing's Curse, made by Halogi Hot Sauce, sits at number seven on the 10 bottle hot wings gauntlet that host Sean Evans makes his guests go through on "Hot Ones."

"The experience is absolutely surreal," said Nick Curry, owner of Halogi, which is based in White. "We're proud to represent South Dakota."

The sauce will leave guests' "tongues writhing in pain," Evans said when introducing it during the season 18 hot sauce lineup.

The sauce features habanero, ghost and scorpion peppers and has bright notes of turmeric, citrus and ginger, Evans said. According to the Heatonist website, orange juice is also used in the sauce.

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Tyrfing's Curse, a tart and spicy hot sauce made in Brookings, SD, will be featured on season 18 of "Hot Ones."
Tyrfing's Curse, a tart and spicy hot sauce made in Brookings, SD, will be featured on season 18 of "Hot Ones."

What is 'Hot Ones'?

"Hot Ones" is described as "the show with hot questions and even hotter wings." Each week Evans asks his celebrity guests, which have included Gordon Ramsay, Dave Grohl and Megan Thee Stallion, various questions which get harder as the wings get hotter.

The South Dakota hot sauce company: Halogi Hot Sauce

Halogi, pronounced Ha-Low-Gee," is named after the Norse fire giant, according to the business's website. Their sauces, from Baldr's Bane to Valkyriesson, are named after various aspects of Norse mythology.

The hot sauce company started out of Curry's kitchen in June 2020, he said. He partnered with Luke Davidson and Halogi was established as an LLC in Dec. 2020 before it moved into a full commercial kitchen in Feb. 2021.

Tyrfing's Curse takes its inspiration from a sword forged by dwarves for Odin's grandson. But there's a catch.

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"Three evils come to any who dare wield Tyrfing, and we've caught all three in this bottle," according to the sauce description.

When does 'Hot Ones' start this year?

Season 18 of Hot Ones starts Thursday with guest Post Malone, according to the YouTube channel.

People wanting to try Tyrfing's Curse can purchase a bottle for $14 on Heatonist.

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