For The First Time Ever, City Of Dallas Seeks Poet Laureate For Serious Endeavor

The post lasts for a two-year term. Duties will include presenting their original poems at public schools, city council meetings, county board meetings and other community organizations.

Video Transcript

- For the first time ever, the city is looking to hire a professional poet with the goal of the position is not only to help a talented log writer but to inspire poets in the community. Our Nicole Nielsen explains what this gig is all about.

- It comes we ask ourselves, where can we find lights in this never ending shade?

- Last January, Amanda Gorman's poetry captivated the nation.

- Braved the belly of the beast.

- Including people in Dallas.

- It was a light bulb moment. A moment for all of us to wait and sit stop and say, you know, how can we do something here in Dallas that's going to promote a talent like that?

- The city of Dallas is taking applications for their first ever poet laureate. The goal of the position is to be a literary advocate and inspire others to read, write, and perform poetry.

- So we're hoping that this program along with the youth part of this program will you know, maybe develop the next Amanda Gorman or someone better.

- Over a two year term, Dallas poet laureate will write and present their poetry at public events like city council meetings, County board meetings, and schools. They'll oversee the Dallas public libraries Youth Poetry competition and promote the literary arts.

- It's a great opportunity for someone who's been writing poetry to gain a spotlight as well as a spotlight on the writing of poetry itself.

- And better yet, it's paid. Plus at the end of the two years, Dallas publishing company deep vellum will publish a collection of the winners work. Program organizers hope the road leads to more interest in poetry.

- As this evolves, I know more opportunities will open up for the poet, but you know, it's a brand new program, and really, the opportunities are endless. It's what can we think of next.

- In Dallas, Nicole Nielsen CBS 11 News.