My First Time With Weed: Bella Thorne

‘I was on [my brother’s] bed for 2 hours rocking back and forth. But here’s the thing: I was completely still the whole time.’ — Bella Thorne is reflecting on her first time smoking weed. To Bella Thorne, weed brings up bad memories. Bella Thorne smoked weed once, but after a bad experience, she declared she would never smoke it again. Cannabis, known as marijuana, weed, and many other names, has many uses, from recreational marijuana to medicinal marijuana, but whether you smoke recreational cannabis or medical cannabis, the experience is different for all, as Bella Thorne can attest. To Bella Thorne, cannabis was supposed to help her sleep, but her strange experience put her off the herb. #BellaThorne #Weed #Cannabis #MyFirstTime #Marijuana #Herb #Smoking #Pot #News #NowThis #NowThisNews This video "My First Time With Weed: Bella Thorne", first appeared on