First Wave Of Snow Hitting Colorado

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- --That's moving in here, Lauren.

LAUREN WHITNEY: Yeah, there's some rain and snow already in parts of Colorado. You can see some pretty heavy snow near Estes Park and Ward right now. A little bit light near Boulder, down near Bailey as well. A little bit of light rain near Greeley and Fort Collins. So it's great to get that moisture. Here in Denver, not much action for us just yet. But as we look off to the west, there's some great rain in western Colorado and then some snow down to the southwest and in some of our other southern mountain areas. Eastern plains, just mostly cloud cover right now, but you could get some moisture in the next couple of days.

So as we look off to our west, there's really moisture all the way into Oregon right now. So we have this area of low pressure that's over parts of Nevada right now. So that is our weather maker. This is a very slow moving system, so it's impacting us for the next several days. So this is going to keep inching toward Colorado until about Thursday. And by Thursday, it'll be parked over Utah. So we're going to see a wave of moisture today. Then we'll get a little bit of a lull tomorrow. And then we see another wave come in on Thursday. So that is kind of really the beginning of our unsettled week throughout Thursday.

We're cloudy, we're chilly, and there'll be periods of rain and snow on and off pretty much all week long. So as we look at our Futurecast for tonight, we will see some potential moisture in Denver, probably not until late night tonight early tomorrow morning. And it's not much for us. For the Foothills and into parts of our Front Range mountains, we're looking at a pretty decent shot of snow. And we'll see that kind of fizzle out by the morning hours. And then we'll see another surge come in in the afternoon from parts of the northwestern corner all the way down towards Trinidad.

And then we could see some rain and snow in Denver tomorrow evening. Maybe we stay in the warm side and we just get more rain. And then on the west side of town and into the Foothills, it may be more snowy. That temperature line is going to be so fine tomorrow evening. So some areas may get, again, stay more on the rainy side, some areas may stay more on the snowy side. So for the Denver area tonight, 1 to maybe 2 inches of snow. Remember, it's been fairly warm. So anything we get is only going to stick on to some grassy areas.

West side of town, you may see a bit more than that. And then as we head up into the Foothills, we're looking at a lot more. And that goes into the Front Range mountains as well. We're looking at about 4 to 8 inches of snow through 6:00 AM on Wednesday. It's already been snowing pretty hard in these areas. We haven't gotten many snow totals just yet. But that's what we're looking at for some of those areas. And then on the Western side of the state tomorrow, we actually start to get a lot of wind again, unfortunately. So we do have red flag warnings in place for the Western Slope and down into southwestern Colorado.

So, well if the Front Range deals with snow, the western side of the state is dealing with fire danger. And right now, it's 47 in Denver. 44 in Greeley. 40s-50s out east. 30s to the 50s in the High Country. And we have 24 from our Weather Watcher Bob Rising in Estes Park. He said he got a really good band of snow with a really heavy snow, but none of it stuck to the ground because it's been so warm outside. Our Almanac for today. Downtown, we only saw 44 degrees outside the CBS 4 Studio. But DIA did get to 51 degrees. Now that is still below our normal of 61. And we're going to stay that way probably until early next week.

29 in Denver tonight. 27 in Fort Collins and Boulder. 20s-low 30s out east, 20s-30s in the High Country. And tomorrow, about the same in many areas, a little bit cooler out at DIA. 46 in Denver and Greeley. 40s-50s out east. 40s, 50s, and 60s in High Country. And 71 over in Grand Junction. For our 5-day forecast, we're down to the 30s on Friday. We'll see that next good surge of snow come in on Thursday night. And then by Sunday, we're still in the 40s, but it does get a bit drier around here in the afternoon.

- All right. Thank you, Lauren.