First winner announced in Ohio's $1m vaccine lotto

Abbigail Bugenske claimed the first million-dollar prize in the state's Vax-a-million draw. The competition was designed to encourage Covid vaccination. A second winner in the lottery for those aged 12 to 17 was awarded a full college scholarship. Four more drawings are scheduled for the contest.

Video Transcript

ABBIGAIL BUGENSKE: Well, I did come up to Cleveland from Cincinnati to look at a used car. And I think buying a used car is still in my future. So that's about as far as I've gotten.

MIKE DEWINE: 2,758,470 Ohioans entered the drawing. By the time it was cut off, drawing to win a million dollar prize.

ABBIGAIL BUGENSKE: I'm definitely not quitting my job. I love it [INAUDIBLE]. I love the people I work with. And as for future plans, I'm probably going to invest most of it.

JOSEPH COSTELLO: I know what schools I went, some schools I want to go to, [INAUDIBLE] University or Ohio State University.

COLLEEN COSTELLO: We had intended to get all of our children vaccinated by the end of this month. But because of the initial entry deadline for the contest, we pull that date forward and make sure that everyone is vaccinated. So it did accelerate the timing for us. And we are excited about the opportunity. And it definitely influenced our decision to get it in the time frame that we got it.