Fiscal Court sets business license fee schedule

Nov. 24—Blake Vickers

The Madison County Fiscal Court set fee schedules for multiple items in their Nov. 22 meeting.

Ordinance 22-11 set the business licensing fee in the county. It is a one time payment of $50 for new businesses in the county, excluding agricultural businesses as farms under the definitions of the IRS, businesses that fall on Schedule F for the purpose of income taxes, and 501c non-profits.

"The goal of this ordinance is really to make the process easier for business owners to change a business license. It will approve our efficiency. There will now be a one time application process for businesses that improve processes and efficiencies for all stakeholders including business owners. It cuts down on the postage and labor for renewing thousands of business licenses each year," said Deputy Judge Executive Jill Williams.

The ordinance has not been updated since 2015. All businesses in good standing will be grandfathered in.

New 2023 fee schedules were also put in place at the meeting. The Battlefield Golf Course will make the following increases.

Golf cart fees are increasing from $6-$7 for nine holes and $12-$14 for 18 holes.

For seniors the cost of 18 holes will go from $24-$26.

For the rest of the public, 18 holes will go from $28-$30 on weekdays and $35-$37 on weekends.

In Resolution 2022-134, 237 North Second Street in Richmond was purchased by the county for $161,000. The property adjoins county owned property and will be used to create more parking in the downtown area.

Magistrate Ben Robinson asked if the current building (formerly a funeral home) currently sitting in the property has any health concerns like asbestos. Judge Executive Reagan Taylor responded that some reports have found that there is some asbestos on the property, but that it "is nothing major that can't be taken care of or mitigated."

Resolution 2022-135 accepted tract and road improvements on the intersection of Herndon Lane on Old US 25. The county hopes to widen Herndon Lane to make travel easier and safer for residents. It will be done on the county side of Herndon Lane, as the other part is in Berea city limits.

The owners of the property, Ryan and Jennifer Willis transferred the tracts of land to the county for maintenance.

Taylor praised the Willis family for passing the tract of land along to the county.

The county hopes to increase the width of the road by at least six feet.

Treasurer Glenna Smith presented her monthly finance report to the fiscal court.

The county's fund balance as of Oct. 31, 2022 is $32,523,458.02.

General fund revenues are at 28.4%, with expenditures at 14.6%.

Road fund revenues are at 48.2% and expenditures are at 14.6%.

Jail fund revenues are at 46.8% and expenditures are at 32.1%.

LGEA fund revenues are at 17.1% and expenditures are at 1.9%.

CSEPP fund revenues are at 15.3% and expenditures are at 14.6%.

Health fund revenues are at 22.4% and expenditures are at 34.5%.

911 fund revenues are at 31.4% and expenditures are at 31.4%.

A bid for Hazards Position Specific Courses at EMA/CSEPP was awarded to Chloeta.

The courses will help emergency management personnel and responders train for disaster management. They will also be open for the entire community to take and first responders in particular are encouraged to sign up for classes.

Myron Fisher's term on the Madison County Airport Board was extended, his current term was set to end on Jan. 1, 2023.

"I'm glad that Myron is willing to step up and stay out there with them (the airport board)," Magistrate Tom Botkin said.

Douglas Fritz' term on the Madison County Planning Commission Board was extended, it was originally set to expire on Dec. 31, 2022.

Resolution 2022-133, saw the fiscal court apply for a fiscal year 2022 firefighter grant from the Department of Homeland Security.

The funds would be used for operational safety, vehicle acquisitions, and regional projects. If the application is accepted, the funding will have be matched for 15% by the county.

The top of the meeting saw several proclamations made. Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1066 awarded Deputy Ilan Bear of the Madison County Sheriff's Office with the Deputy Veteran Award. An update was also given on the construction of a veterans monument that the chapter has been fundraising for. It will be located in front of the Madison Southern High School.

The Madison Central Marching Band was honored for its recent victory in a 5A state championship. While Madison Central's Ciara O'Shea was also honored by the fiscal court for her recent track and field victories.

Two promotions were granted in the county fire department. One fireman was promoted from Firefighter I to Firefighter III, with a salary of $9.74 an hour. Another was promoted from Firefighter I to Firefighter II at a salary of $9.24 an hour.