Here’s the Fish That Captures Each Zodiac Sign’s Style & Personality

There’s something about being near water that always calms the soul, which is why looking at all the fish swimming in their aquarium always leaves you feeling dreamy. It makes sense, as their world is quiet, fluid and simple, a far cry from the chaos that exists on the other side of the glass. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering which fish you would be, based on your zodiac sign, then let’s dive into all the many freshwater fish you might find yourself adopting for your at-home tank.

While you can’t cuddle with your pet fish, the love you share for them is deep and unwavering in its own unique way. After all, something drew you to that species and brought you to the fish that was always meant to be yours. And because you spend time and money searching for a suitable tank, finding the right temperature, learning about their diets and decorating their environments to perfection, it’s clear that you care. You make sure you remember to feed them and you know you could spend hours staring at them floating around, back and forth. If that isn’t love, what is?

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Only Pisces is ruled by a fish in astrology, but every zodiac sign has a particular freshwater fish that captures their style, personality and underwater flair. Here’s the fish that aligns with yours, according to your sun sign, moon sign and/or rising sign:

The Fish That Captures Each Zodiac Sign

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