Fish Fries Look A Little Different Amid Pandemic

It's the first Friday fish fry of the Lenten season. Because of the pandemic, organizers are making adjustments; KDKA's Nicole Ford reports.

Video Transcript

KYM GABLE: It is the first Friday fish fry of the Lenten season, and folks are already in the kitchens. But because of the pandemic, organizers have made adjustments to keep everyone safe. Nicole Ford is live in Whitehall this afternoon with what you can expect. Nicole?

NICOLE FORD: Kym, St. Gabriel's here in Whitehall had workers in the kitchen early this morning breading that fish. But get this-- they have a unique take on the fish fry this year. It's a drive-through only-- preorder, takeout. You can see cars coming in, the parking attendant prompting them on where exactly to park. And then we have kids from the school and from the church coming up and delivering that fish right to the window. It's curbside delivery at its best.

Now, these fish fries serve as a huge fundraiser for churches or nonprofits. Fish isn't the only big hit for Lent season. In Baden, St. John the Baptist sold out of pierogies at 10:30 this morning. That's just over an hour from when it opened. The volunteers started from scratch on Tuesday. They weren't sure what to expect after taking a huge hit with volunteers and profits last year when the pandemic hit.

MICHAEL STUDAN: It's a good feeling to see the people. A lot of people are regular customers. Well, you get to know them and, hey, how you been? We haven't seen you. How's your family? Yes, it's very good to see the people.

NICOLE FORD: When it comes to these fish fries, fundraising, a big aspect to this. You can see volunteers coming from all across this area that help out. Coming up at 5:00, we're actually going into one fire department who's using technology to make sure they see success this year. For now, reporting live in Whitehall, Nicole Ford, KDKA News.