Fish hooks melted into playground slides at Alcoa Field

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Jun. 16—MASSENA — Individuals using the slides at Alcoa Field may want to examine them ahead of time.

Massena Town Councilor Adrian F. Taraska told board members on Wednesday that someone had melted fish hooks into the slides. Mr. Taraska is the town's liaison to the Massena Joint Recreation Commission, and was reporting on this week's commission meeting.

"I did want to add one thing I find that's kind of a little upsetting, but I think it should be said. They did find that someone had melted fish hooks into the slides at Alcoa Field, which is horrible," he said. "I just want to make sure everyone takes precautions if they go to use any of the playgrounds to make sure to look them over before you let your kids play on them."

Mr. Taraska said the person likely used a lighter to melt a portion of the slide and put the fish hook in the hole.

There were no cameras to record the incident. The Massena Joint Recreation Commission has ordered cameras for Alcoa Field, but he said those are on back order and have not yet arrived.

He said there were no injuries.

"I think someone just noticed it" and reported it to the Massena Recreation Department, Mr. Taraska said.

A similar instance occurred several years ago, and the Massena Police Department's investigation found that the individual who was responsible was a juvenile who lived in the neighborhood. That individual's case was handled through the family court system.