An 'Amazing!' Fish You Have To See Was Caught In Lake Champlain

A woman in upstate New York recently reeled in what she thought she was just a big catch on Lake Champlain ― only to discover it was more unique than that.

The fish, identified as a lake trout, had two mouths.

“When we got it in the boat I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” Debbie Geddes told Fox News on Wednesday.

Geddes said the fish appeared healthy. “Pretty amazing!” she said.

Before releasing her special catch, she took snaps of it that went viral when they were posted this week to Knotty Boys Fishing’s Facebook page.

Knotty Boys spokesman Adam Facteau told ABC News that many have speculated on the cause of the fish’s unusual features.

“People have theories that it was injured when it was younger, some biologists think it could have been a genetic birth defect,” he said.

There were also a few more far-fetched guesses, suggesting the lake trout could be related to the mythical lake monster “Champ,” the Bangor Daily News reported. “Champ” is sometimes referred to as America’s Loch Ness Monster.


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