Fishermen rescue whale shark tangled in row of beach buoys off coast of Malaysia

This is the heartwarming moment fishermen helped an endangered whale shark that was stuck in a row of buoys. The creature had swam near the shallow part of the water before entangling itself in the rope barrier enclosing the swimming area of the beach at Kuala Kedah, Malaysia on July 7. One of the fishermen jumped into the water to help the marine animal in distress while the others stayed in the boat to help with pulling the net away. The whale shark was eventually freed from the net, and the heroic act of the fishermen was recognised by the Department of Fisheries in the region. It said in a statement: "Congratulations and thank you to the fishermen involved in protecting the country's fisheries resources." Whale sharks, or Rhincodon Typus, are the largest harmless fish in the world and grow up to 40ft long. They are classified as 'endangered' on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICON) Red List of Threatened Species.