Fishing guide reels in ‘once in a lifetime catch.’ Check out the ‘unicorn’ creature

Facebook video screengrab from Oklahoma Paddlefish Guide Service

An Oklahoma fishing guide set out for a solo fishing trip, having no idea that what lurked below was a “rare” creature.

Ryan Davison, one half of the Oklahoma Paddlefish Guide Service, said in a Facebook post Monday, May 22, that he ventured back out to the water “for a little more excitement” after a day of guiding.

What awaited was a fish he had never heard of or seen before.

Davison shared video of his capture, a black paddlefish that he called a “once in a lifetime fish.”

“Well he ain’t no giant, but check the color out on that sucker,” Davison said in the video.

The fish caught at Keystone Lake likely got its unique black color because it is melanistic, fisheries biologist Brad Johnston told a KOTV reporter. Animals with melanism — the opposite of albinism — have black features because they produce too much melanin.

The hereditary feature is found in many types of animals, including mammals, amphibians and reptiles, experts say.

The video showed Davison releasing the paddlefish back into the water.

“What a fight, with the unicorn of paddlefish,” he said in a Facebook post.

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