Fittings, makeup, photo shoots: the Cannes Festival as seen through Instagram

We're one week into the 72th Edition of the Cannes Festival (which opened on May 14), and we've already witnessed a series of red carpet, private parties, fitting, photo shoots, and walks down the Croisette. Hollywood actresses, muses and models from all over the world have treated us to their Cannes escapades on social media, regaling us with their behind-the-scenes perspective on the famous fortnight. Have a look at some of the most memorable fashion moments from the first week, as seen through the lens of Instagram.

Deepika Padukone's Massive Dress
On Instagram, model-actress Deepika Padukone shared the journey of a Cannes red carpet dress, from its delivery in a garment bag to the hotel, to being worn on the Grand Staircase. And this isn't just any dress: the massive Giambattista Valli Haute Couture design, made up of several layers of tulle, allows us to appreciate the work that goes into walking through a hotel lobby and a few paces down the street -- let alone sitting in a car -- in such a dress.

Eva Longoria's Regimented Schedule
While the public only gets to see the glamour of the Grand Staircase and attendant parties, the Cannes Festival also requires monumental planning. The stars have to put in their time before hitting the red carpet. From the delivery of the dress, to the fitting, and then hair and makeup, each guest has to comply with a tight schedule to get to la Croisette on time, as demonstrated by Eva Longoria in a video posted to social networks, showing a number of assistants fussing over her hair while she sneaks in a snack.

Barbara Meier's Glamour-Chic Hair
Dessange Paris, the official hairdressing partner of the Cannes Festival's, handles the hairdressing needs of a large number of the personalities that parade on the Palais des festivals red carpet every night. In a video posted on its Instagram, Dessange shows off an A-to-Z guide to top model Barbara Meier's hairdo for the opening ceremony of the Festival's 72th edition. A series of meticulous steps ensure that her hair holds up through the evening.

Isabeli Fontana goes full tourist
While the climbing of the Croisette's Grand Staircase is a mandatory part of the stars' stay in Cannes, they are still just like the rest of us when visiting the French Riviera: tourists! Just ask Brazilian top model Isabeli Fontana, who took the time to meander through the city's streets, picking up postcards as souvenirs.