FIU Finds Unique Way For Medical Students To Find Out Residency Programs

CBS4's photojournalist Peter Miranda reports on FIU's creative way to celebrate Match Day 2021.

Video Transcript

LAUREN PASTRANA: "New at 6:00", it's Match Day at FIU, and medical students find out which residency program they've been matched to. The tradition is now anything but traditional thanks to the pandemic. Still FIU found a creative way for students to mark the milestone. CBS 4's photojournalist Peter Miranda shows us.

TORI EHRHARDT: We're going to--


TORI EHRHARDT: Amazing. So, so great. And matching with the love of my life, and having my family here means everything to me.

- Hey everyone.

AARON SHEPHERD: Really it means everything to just have the opportunity, but to be with the people I care about at a location that fits me and my career, personally, and the opportunity that I've had at FIU, you know. And this--

TORI EHRHARDT: We matched at Emory!

AARON SHEPHERD: Most important person to me. I mean, it means everything.

GERRY VICTOR: We're going to LSU!

- We're so excited.

GERRY VICTOR: We're super excited. You know, New Orleans is our favorite city in America. We're just happy to be together. Where-- wherever we ended up. The process it was very difficult, but we have our family. We have our friends that really helped.

- Everybody supported us.

- I congratulate all of you on reaching this milestone.

TORI EHRHARDT: It's a wild process, but we stayed strong. Our school supported us. Our wellness center here is absolutely incredible, and they are here for us no matter what. Our institution supports us at every step of the way. And we have some, like I said, just amazing family and friends who-- who helped us stay strong through it.

- I'm so excited for you guys.

- So exciting congrats to them.