FIU Kicks Off Celebrations For Return To In-Person Commencement Ceremonies

CBS4 Photojournalist Rafael Marciano was there for the fun.

Video Transcript

LAUREN PASTRANA: New at 6:00, Florida International University has kicked off celebrations for the return to in-person commencement ceremonies, which were put on hold because of the pandemic. There was a commencement caravan as well as a car-decorating competition. And that's not all. CBS 4 photojournalist Rafael Murciano was there for the fun.


MARK ROSENBERG: Today, we're going to celebrate the graduations of our students. A milestone achievement, and while we're going to have a more traditional graduation in a couple of weeks, this caravan begins to symbolize all that our students have gone through over the last year to get to this achievement.


- I'm so excited! I'm so excited, graduating from FIU!

MARK ROSENBERG: And most importantly, their family members are going to be with them. They're going to have joy. They're going to have happiness. That's what graduation is about. Congratulations!

AMANDA MEANA: I'm graduating a year early. And I get experience the caravan and stuff-- something I never thought I'd get to do because of the pandemic.

MARK ROSENBERG: Cars will be decorated, celebrating FIU, celebrating the experience.

EMILY SHUN: It's pretty exciting because, last year, I know like some graduates feel kind of left out or like they didn't have the opportunity to, you know, do what we're doing now.

MARK ROSENBERG: We have ushers opening the doors. We have red carpet treatment for our students coming to the stage and getting a picture with Rory. And I'm going to be there and going to be thanking them for staying the course and accomplishing their goal.