These five crimes are the most commonly reported in Washington

Texas-based law firm Jorge Vela Law conducted a new study unveiling the five crimes reported the most in 2021 in Washington state.

The research, done by the United States Bureau of Justice, analyzed the most recent statistics of highest reported crimes in each state. The crimes that made the list for Washington state are assault, vandalism of property, larceny, vehicle theft, and burglary.

Topping the list for the number one reported crime in Washington is vandalism. It accounted for 77,062 incidents in the state. That accounted for damage and destruction of property.

The second most common crime reported is larceny, more commonly known as theft. Just over 59,000 incidents were reported in 2021.

Motor vehicle theft takes the third spot with 52,013 reported cases – this number doesn’t include the theft of vehicle accessories or parts.

Simple assault comes in with 41,113 reported incidents as the fourth most common crime reported. To be considered a simple assault crime, the offender cannot use a weapon, and the victim is not directly injured.

Finally, breaking and entering come in at the fifth spot with 39,475 reported incidents.

“This data provides a fascinating insight into crime in the US. While incidents and charges may vary from state to state based on demographics and local laws, it is important to know which crimes are most prevalent in one’s area in order to know what security measures to take.” a Jorge Vela spokesperson stated.