Five-horned ram steals show as Nigerians mark Eid

Curious shoppers stopped to see the bizarre animal which was among many others on sale as Muslims prepare for the Islamic holiday also known as Eid El-Kabir in Nigeria.

The video of the five-horned ram has gone viral with some viewers commenting that the animal appears to be wearing a crown similar to the statue of liberty and likening it to mini-god.

"Looking at the number of horns on its head they are five, which is Allah - 'ALLAH,'" said interior designer Usman Abdulrahman.

"I have never seen this kind of a thing before, and it is happening during in a festive period. This is my first time to see that a ram has five horns. God is using this to magnify himself and the good thing is it came at a time that we the Muslims are celebrating," said estate agent Wasiu Salaudeen.

Eid Al-Adha is the second of Islam's two major religious festivals, observed to commemorate the willingness of Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his son Ismail as an act of obedience to Allah, before Allah replaced Ismail with a ram to be sacrificed instead.

The festival marks the end of the Ramadan season.