Five oblasts introduce power outages, Ukrenergo reports

The energy system of Ukraine is being restored after a massive missile attack on January 14
The energy system of Ukraine is being restored after a massive missile attack on January 14

The deficit has risen due to a decrease in electricity production as a result of Russian missile attacks. A rise of power consumption resulting from the beginning of the working week has also contributed to the deficit.

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Limits on power consumption are in place for every oblast in Ukraine. At 10.00 a.m. on Jan. 16, they were exceeded in five oblasts, and emergency outages were introduced.

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Ukrenergo didn't specify which oblasts, but warned of possible additional outages in other regions.

Weather conditions, including gusting winds and the accumulation of ice on power lines, also complicate the energy situation in Ukraine, the company added. Damage to distribution power lines caused by the weather also contributed to power outages in central Ukraine.

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Russia launched another mass missile barrage against Ukraine on Jan. 14. Explosions were heard that morning in the city of Kyiv and the oblast.

Later that day, Russia hit a multi-story residential building in the city of Dnipro with a Kh-22 missile, killing at least 36 and injuring dozens. Emergency services are continuing rescue operations at the site of the disaster in Dnipro, as the fate of at least 30 more people is still unknown.

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Energy facilities in five oblasts were also damaged in the attack.

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