Fix Your Foxitis With This One Simple Trick

Who knew it could be THIS easy! #Colbert #ALateShow #ColdOpens

Video Transcript

- It's a sickness that is new to doctors, and an attorney is using it as an excuse for suspected Capitol Hill rioters. It is called Foxitis. You know Foxitis, a.k.a. watching too much Fox News, but will the judge actually buy it?

- Are you or a loved one suffering from Foxitis? A serious medical condition affecting many older Americans and people who are hoarding canned goods in their sheds. Symptoms of Foxitis include Irritable Gutfeld, Bartiromononucleosis, Swollen Ainsley, Blood in your Doocy, Ingraham Toenail, Jeanine Pirrohoids, Tucker Carsonoma, Kayleigh McAnalcyst, and Seanital Warts. Thankfully, there is a cure. Introducing off. From the makers of mute and change the channel. It's A Late Show with Stephen Colbert.