FLAGLER COUNTY EXTENSION Making nutrition education fun and easy: Healthy for Life®

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Learn to preserve foods to enjoy later at a session of Healthy for Life®, provided by Flagler County Extension.
Learn to preserve foods to enjoy later at a session of Healthy for Life®, provided by Flagler County Extension.

Let’s face it: eating healthy can be hard and we don’t always know what’s “healthy” any more with all the misinformation floating around. Unfortunately, a poor diet is a leading risk factor for morbidity and mortality in the United States and contributes to one in five deaths globally. Many people want to eat better but don’t know how or think it’s out-of-reach for their income or time. This is where your UF/IFAS Extension Flagler County office wants to help by offering a Healthy for Life® program.

Discover what healthy food can do for you! Join us for an experience that will empower you to make healthy food and lifestyle choices. Healthy for Life® is a community-based nutrition and well-being program where participants will gain new skills to prepare and experience healthy foods.

Nutritious home-cooked meals don’t need to feel overwhelming. A few basic shopping and cooking skills can transform the way your family eats at home. Participants in our class will walk away with confidence and new skills that will help their entire family grocery shop smarter, eat better and be healthier. The program will launch in February and will continue through mid-March.

There will be one LIVE class in Flagler County and 5 additional virtual classes to attend in this series.

All sessions are from 10:30 a.m. - noon EST.

During the LIVE class on March 16, we will focus on Save It Now, Savor It Later - The earliest recorded methods of food preservation date back to prehistoric times but are still relevant today. While the safety techniques have changed, the purpose is still the same. You can preserve foods by using canning, freezing or drying methods. For example, grow your own fruits and vegetables to save money, and then preserve them to enjoy year-round. Two food preservation techniques will be demonstrated during the live event.

Below is a list of all program dates and an overview of each class:

Feb. 16: Exercise Within Reach – Get ready to stretch, strengthen and even jump – all exercises that can be done easily at home or in your backyard. Regular exercise and physical activity are a part of good health and well-being and work hand-in-hand with good nutrition. Learn how to integrate healthy food and proper hydration into your fitness routine. Set your goals, identify personal motivators and create an exercise plan that works for your lifestyle.

Feb. 23: Eat a RainbowColorful Fruits and Veggies – Make life more colorful with fruits and vegetables. Eat healthier one plate at a time by adding a little color to every meal and snack. Learn tips on how to eat with the seasons and how to incorporate more produce into your diet.

March 2: Feed Your Potential – Discover how healthy food can help you reach your goals and improve overall health. Get inspired to make healthy eating a part of your everyday life.

March 9: Mind Over Matter, Developing Mindful Eating Habits – If you want to put healthier eating habits on the menu, mindfulness techniques may help you! They are not about dieting or restrictions. They are about eating when you are truly hungry, slowing down and savoring the flavor. Expand your mind, not your waistline.

LIVE in Flagler County – March 16: Save It Now, Savor It Later – The latest USDA approved food preservation techniques for canning, freezing or drying methods.

March 23: Herbs for All Seasons – Herbs add fresh flavor to your meals and may help you reduce your sodium intake.

We are excited to host this program and we hope you join us! To learn more and to register for the program, go to https://bit.ly/HealthyforlifeFlagler or contact Melanie Thomas, Director of UF/IFAS Extension Flagler County at 386-437-7464 or email mlthomas@ufl.edu.

This article originally appeared on The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Flagler Ext.: Making nutrition education fun and easy: Healthy for Life®

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