Flames Break Out At Haverhill Home While 11-Year-Old Does School Work Inside

Flames ripped through a multi-family Haverhill home Monday afternoon while an 11-year-old boy was inside the building doing school work.

Video Transcript

- An 11-year-old boy in Haverhill was home alone. He was doing remote learning when a fire broke out. And you can see all of that smoke and the flames that were shooting out of the top floor. The boy's mom told us that he heard the alarms going off but he didn't evacuate right away because the alarms sometimes go off for no reason. But neighbors who live on the first floor, they knew he was upstairs, so they began banging on his door, and he was able to get out. The boy texted his mom who was running a quick errand and he told her what happened.

CHRISTINA SAGLDON: He texted me saying that the house is on fire, that he was next door. And I came flying back. But, I mean, we're OK. I'm just worried about my things.

- Thankfully, the boy is OK. Firefighters haven't said yet what caused the fire in this three-family home. But the people who live there say it appears that it started in a third floor kitchen.