Flames rip through multi-family home in Lowell

The roof collapsed as a result of the fire, but, thankfully, no one was injured.

Video Transcript

JOHN ATWATER: You look behind us here, and that roof up there it collapsed in this fire today. So really a lot of damage here, but thankfully everyone made it out safe.

- Like flames were shooting right out, you know. It was completely engulfed.

JOHN ATWATER: Those flames tore through the top portion of the two family home on Durand Street as firefighters tried to control the spread.

- Terrified. The entire back of the house was engulfed in flames.

- I looked out the window, and I was like holy smokes.

- And we just wanted to make sure everybody was safe.

JOHN ATWATER: Donna Finn ran over making sure everyone was out, and she then started alerting neighbors.

- We were banging on the doors, and she was sound asleep with her little boy because she goes to school and works.

- Somebody knocked at my door. I was so much concerned and so afraid.

JOHN ATWATER: Everyone did escape but the damage left behind on Durand Street is significant.

ROB DESTREMPE: The main thing is that nobody got injured, no firefighters injured, and that's-- that's a little looking for right here today.

JOHN ATWATER: Obviously, no one can stay here tonight, and tonight, we know firefighters are still looking for the cause of this fire. Live in Lowell tonight, John Atwater, WCVB.