Flamingos in Greece poisoned by illegal lead pellets

Animal activist group Action for Wildlife take stock of the damage and works to help surviving birds as Greek flamingos are found dead from lead poisoning near Agios Mamas and Thessaloniki in Greece. "Flamingos eat small pebbles to help with digestion, and they are eating the shrapnel from bullets... it's giving them lead poisoning," says Ellie Bridgeman, a 20-year-old volunteer working with the group. The use of lead shot in wetlands has been illegal in Greece since 2013, and the EU in November said it would ban its use in all wetlands under its framework regulation for chemicals. But Greek hunters still use pellets containing lead, wildlife groups say.

Video Transcript



ELLIE BRIDGEMAN: Flamingos eat small pebbles, small stones to help with digestion. And they're eating the shrapnel from bullets, thinking they're these. And it's giving them lead poisoning.