Flappy Bird Is Coming Back (and Hopefully Won't Ruin Your Life This Time)

Flappy Bird Is Coming Back (and Hopefully Won't Ruin Your Life This Time)

The game that caused widespread frustration and crippling addiction to a tiny green bird, soared phone prices into the thousands on Ebay, and even "ruined" its developer's life is coming back. Flappy Bird will be returning to cellphones this year, potentially in August.

On February 8th, developer Dong Nguyen removed the game from mobile stores saying said Flappy Bird "ruins [his] simple life" and professed that he hated the game. While he might have hated the game, he probably didn't hate the $50,000 a day he was earning from the banner advertisements in the app. 

The new version will be enabled for multi-player gaming, so you and your fellow addicts can complete in real time. Nguyen also plans to make the new version of the game less addictive to users, though how he plans to do that is unclear. Nguyen could create levels within the game, so users don't have to start from scratch every time their bird crashes. He could also create a tiered difficulty system. Regardless, based on the craze that resulted from the first release of the game, Flappy Bird 2.0 will still breed some serious addicts.

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Welcome back, Flappy Bird. We look forward to wanting to break our phones because of you once again. 

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