Flash Flood Watch: Here's how much rain you could get

Stay weather and traffic aware these next few days. Flash Flooding chances rise into Wednesday.

Video Transcript

RACHEL BRIERS: Well, good afternoon, everyone. I'm meteorologist Rachel Briers. We are continuing to watch the showers and storms move across the area. We also just got a new flash-flood watch that is in effect right now and will remain in effect through Thursday morning.

But let's go ahead, and let's start off with what is happening outside right now. We have these showers and storms that are very slowly making their way off to the east. Some of these, though, not moving a whole lot, which is why we do have a flood advisory in effect for parts of Liberty County.

So here's a broad look at the radar. You can see, in Houston right now, not seeing a whole lot at this time. But we are seeing more and more showers and storms popping up to the north. These are actually popping up along outflow boundaries, which are gonna slowly push down to the south. So even though, Houston, you are not seeing rainfall right now, you can expect your rain chances to increase as we head into the next few hours.

So you can see, in Brenham right now, looking at that heavy rainfall. Same thing up towards Huntsville, Conroe, and east into Liberty County.

So let's go ahead, and let's start over here, where we do have our first flood advisory for the day. That will go until 3:00 PM. This does include Kenefick and Daisetta.

This storm really not moving a whole lot. Could be looking at some minor street flooding in this area. So if you are located within this flood advisory, if you do not have to get out and drive, that is going to be your best bet, because we could quickly see some isolated street flooding popping up in this area.

And then we also have rain coming down over towards Cold Spring, Cleveland, up towards Huntsville, down south towards Conroe, and then between Hempstead and Navasota. These moving off to the east. Now, the storms bringing a lot of lightning with them, so if you hear thunder, make sure you head on indoors.

Also bringing in a lot of that heavier rainfall. You can see it right here, coming down at Lake Conroe. So if you are trying to get out and drive along 45, there's a good chance you're going to be dealing with visibility issues as well. So if you, again, can stay home, that is going to be your best bet.

Now, in Houston at the moment, we are in the clear. It looks like we may have a very light, isolated rain shower or two, but that is about it. And then, off towards the west, over towards Brenham and La Grange, also seeing more of those showers and storms moving in from the west, moving to the east.

I'm gonna to put this in motion again just so you can see the general direction. You can tell they're not moving too quickly, so again, could be dealing with some ponding on the roadways. And then, as we head into the rest of this afternoon, that's when we could also see that potential for more instances of street flooding.

Now, let's get to this new flash-flood watch. This is in effect for right now. Will also go through 7:00 AM on Thursday. So, as we head throughout the next few days, we are going to be looking at the potential for widespread areas getting between 4 to 8 inches of rain. In isolated spots, we could see over a foot of rainfall as we head into the day tomorrow, the rest of the day today, Tuesday, Wednesday, as well as going into Thursday morning.

So, at this point, the chances of you seeing some sort of street flooding in the next few days does look like it will be on the likely side. So you need to make sure you stay very aware as we head into the next few days. And also, again, if you are caught in one of those heavy thunderstorms or showers, try not to get out and drive. Again, this flash-flood watch-- you can see it includes all the way as far west as Brenham and over towards Columbus.

Now, yesterday, we actually started to see some of those showers and storms just to the north of Palacios and just to the east of Ganado. We actually did end up getting a rainfall total there of 13.5 inches, so that just shows you what we are in store for as we head throughout the rest of this week.

So let's break it down on Futuretrack here. Now, those showers and storms that we are seeing up into our northern areas-- those should eventually make their way down to the south, possibly during rush hour time here in Houston, so plan accordingly. Know that it is a possibility that, once you try to get out of work and head on home, you could be in some showers and storms. And we all know, here in Houston, it doesn't take much rainfall at all-- just really wet roads-- to cause issues out on those roadways.

And really, throughout the next few days as well, your commutes from home to work and vice versa, you'll need to make sure you plan accordingly. You probably want to go ahead and give yourself extra time on those roadways, because we could be looking at that potential for more and more showers and storms.

So you can see this is at 5:00 PM. It does look like we may get a little bit of a break, though, later tonight, once we start to see that sun go down. So does that mean we will be completely clear tonight? Not necessarily. Still could see a few of those isolated to scattered showers and storms overnight, and we could see those, again, pop as we head into Tuesday. Tuesday, again, looking at another chance of rain.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're looking at this and saying, I'm not seeing a whole lot popping up on your Futuretrack. Well, we have a couple of different things going on this week. First off, we have disturbances rolling through. These disturbances are popping up those showers and storms.

But in addition to that, we also have these very small-scale features, like those outflow boundaries I was just talking about that are moving in from the north. Those can pop up more showers and storms. So, even though you're not seeing it on Futuretrack, we still have that chance of seeing those scattered showers and storms that could even be widespread at times. So don't let this Futuretrack fool you.

But then, as we head into midweek, that's when this upper-level low will continue to roll towards us. And also on Wednesday, as well as going into Thursday morning, that's when we are expecting some of the highest moisture to be in our area. So when you put those high levels of moisture with these disturbances we have rolling on in, that's gonna lead to some heavy rain.

So I would say, really, our main day or two of concern will especially be, I would say, late Tuesday night going into Thursday morning. So pretty much all day Wednesday. So if you have any plans that are outdoors over the next few days, you may want to make sure that you have a backup plan indoors, especially as we head into Wednesday. That rain chance really bumps up that day.

So here's a look at your flash-flood outlook for the next few days. Today, we do have that threat to see some scattered instances of street flooding. That includes Houston, Liberty, Winnie. And then, outside of that, in the green area, we could see some isolated instances of street flooding.

On Tuesday, pretty much most of the area is covered in that scattered category, where we could see a few scattered instances of street flooding. You can see that's in that yellow color. Down towards the south and to the west, where we actually saw some of the heaviest rainfall yesterday, you'll have a slightly lower chance of it.

But then, look at Wednesday, the entire area colored in this red color. We actually, this day, could be looking at 2 to 4 inches of rainfall, common across the area. So again, Wednesday really going to be one of our main days of concern.

So let's take a closer look at this potential rain over the next five days. We're gonna be looking at 4 to 8 inches, common across Southeast Texas. In some isolated spots, over a foot of rain will be a possibility. So really, over the next few days, that flood threat is really what's going to be most on our mind, but I cannot rule out the potential for a few strong to severe storms, either.

Now, as we head throughout the rest of the day today, we could see a couple of isolated, strong to severe storms try to pop up. If we do, we could be looking at the potential for 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts and also quarter-sized hail. Overall, the tornado threat will remain on the low side, but an isolated tornado cannot be completely ruled out.

Then, as we head into Tuesday, same risk for Houston, but the risk will go up slightly as we head over towards College Station and up, just north of Brenham. You can see over towards Navasota and Huntsville, also included in that risk.

And then the risk will also continue as we head into Wednesday. An isolated risk across the entire area. Again, main threats-- large hail and damaging wind gusts, but we also cannot rule out the potential of an isolated tornado.

So that's what we are expecting over the next few days. We'll take another look, right now, at our radar. Looks like we actually have a couple new flash-flood warnings coming out as well. Let's go ahead and take a closer look.

Liberty. Looks like, now, we have a flash-flood warning that is in place. It includes areas just to the south and east of Cleveland. It includes Kenefick again, as well as Daisetta.

And let me get a little bit more information on this one. It says between 3 to 6 inches, already, have fallen in this area. And if we're already seeing, potentially, flash flooding in this area, any extra rainfall will just make that even worse.

So if you live in this area, right now, that's highlighted in this green box-- again, this box goes just to the southeast of Cleveland all the way down to the southeast of Daisetta. So if you live in this area, do not try to get out and drive. We could be looking at flash flooding across the area right now.

Now, we also have another flood advisory in effect. And you can see this band of showers and storms not really moving a whole lot. This will go until 5:15 PM.

And this does include right in between Navasota and Hempstead. This also includes Montgomery, north of Magnolia, and then, really, all along I-45 in between Conroe. Goes up to New Waverly and just to the south of Huntsville.

So again, this is a flood advisory in effect. Let me see if I can get a little bit more information on this from the National Weather Service. It looks like 1 to 3 inches of rain have already fallen in this area. So we could see the potential for minor street flooding ongoing in that area at this moment.

So we do have a couple of these advisories out right now. We also have that warning that is out for Liberty County. And eventually, these showers and storms will make their way to the south. So if you're in Houston right now, and you're thinking, I'm OK right now-- we're not seeing anything-- that's not necessarily going to be the same pattern. The trend as we head into the next few hours-- Houston, your rain chance will start to go up slowly.

So again, I do want to take one last look at these flash-flood warnings and advisories we do have in place. We have this flash-flood warning. That will go until 5:15 PM. This includes Ames, Daisetta, Devers, [? Hardin, ?] and Kenefick.

And then, off to the west a little bit further, including the cities of Montgomery, New Waverly, and over towards Todd Mission, Willis, Conroe, we have this flood advisory that will go until 5:15 PM. And we also do have that flash-flood watch that is in effect. It already started, and it will continue to be in effect as we head into the next few days, eventually ending as we head into 7:00 AM on Thursday.

Widespread rainfall totals coming in between 4 to 8 inches. Could be looking at isolated spots over a foot of rain. So, at this point, it does look like street flooding will be likely across a good portion of the area as we head into the next few days.

We'll continue to bring you all the updates, and make sure you follow us on abc13.com and our social media platforms for more information.